Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan - Athlete of the Month September 2018

1. What, if any, athletic experiences did you have prior to starting…
get fit for crossfit

Do you need to get fit before starting CrossFit?

The short answer is no. The magical thing about CrossFit is…
George Ruppeiner - Athlete of the Month August 2018

George Ruppeiner – Athlete of the Month August 2018

1. What, if any, athletic experiences did you have prior to starting…
personal training seaward crossfit

Is Personal Training for Me? 

The word “coach” is an old French word meaning, a vehicle…
Ralph Jurado - Athlete of the Month July 2018

Ralph Jurado - Athlete of the Month July 2018

1. What, if any, athletic experiences did you have prior to starting…

Back to School, Back to Fitness

It's almost that time of year again... The stores are full…

You Don't Know What You Don't Know: Why Tracking the Details is Paramount for Training Progress

  Whether you realize it or not, you and your athletes…
CrossFit Games Open 2016

The CrossFit Games Open 2016

The CrossFit Games Open comes around every year. It is a chance…
coach chuck

WODs for Travelers

There is nothing worse than missing out on workouts while traveling.…

Athletic Development is a Process

Just a cool little snippet that I came across that echos Vanessa…
pork tenderloin plated

Pork Tenderloin with Bacon Garlic Brussels Sprouts

Alright boys and girls, ready for a super tasty dish that requires…

What I eat every day…

You asked for it, so here it is: What I eat every day! My…
olympic lifts snatch

Why Diet and Exercise?

This is going to be a pretty short post, but it’s something…
young girl

10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Fitness Before I Turned 13

1. The models you see in fitness magazines probably don’t…

Theresa Merkel: A Seaward Nutrition Success Story

Theresa's story in her own words: On May 1, 2014, I started…
Obligation Overload

What’s Your Obligation?

So, this will be a more rhetorical post, but it’s because I’m…
bacon beef burger plated

50/50 Bacon and Beef Blend Burgers

A couple words of warning before we begin, 50/50 Bacon and…
rich froning

Work Harder, Not Longer

**I originally wrote this in May of 2012, lots of things have…

Save 50% on Athletic Greens

For those of you not familiar with this product it's a favorite…
Vanessa at a show

Merry 2015 Open Y'all!

Here we sit, lodged firmly into the middle of the 2015 CrossFit…
progenex build

Chatty Chuck Talks Progenex

By looking around the gym, it's pretty obvious we're big Progenex…

Mental Games: Are You Ready for the CrossFit Open?

  Vanessa's Latest Article For Breaking Muscle: The…

Seaward CrossFit Member Loses 40 lbs, Gains Fitness Family

Elizabeth Johnson joined us last year in May, shortly after Seaward…

Pssttt.... Reebok is having a President's Day Sale!

Ahem.... Those of you who need lifting shoes.... The Reebok…
work stress

Ok, so stress is killing me. What do I do?

Ok, so in the first part of the article we reviewed all the ways…

Stress: It’s KILLING You! No really…

We’ve all heard it. “Stress… it’ll kill ya.” and everyone…
performance vs complexity graph

A Game of Inches… I Wish

The following quote has some naughty language, you’ve been…

Paleo Thin Mints!

  Who doesn't like a ice cream cone full of chocolate…
Crossfit is not too expensive

CrossFit Is TOO Expensive!

Really? Seaward CrossFit is a bargain, seriously. I know this,…

Paleo Cinnamon Muffins!

  Our buddy, Theresa Merkel (the lady behind LunchBox…

Becky and Richard's Root Cellar Paleo Stew

So, I need to give you a little back story before we talk about…
Fitspiration 1

Positivity and Appreciation in 2015

Hey ladies, I’ve ranted on getting yourself some overall…
acceptance RX

More “Self-Love” in 2015

It’s good for you, really! We all need to participate in…

Seared Catfish with Bacon, Garlic Smashed Cauliflower and Sauteed Sweet Mini Peppers

Yep, it was every bit as good as it looks. It was also super…
vanessa rings close up

Vanessa's Story

Vanessa wasn’t an athletic kid although she always admired…
Jane Fonda

Confidence Ladies!

(Naughty language coming, don’t read if it offends you.) In…
vanessa rings 2

Why I'm Not Giving Up My Muscles for Anyone (Breaking Muscle Article)

After five years of talking about it, my husband and I opened…
Paleo Pecan Pie

Paleo Pecan Pie and Friendsgiving!

This past Saturday, we had our very first Seaward CrossFit Friendsgiving…

Thanksgiving Week Schedule

Here is the timetable for Thanksgiving week. Don't forget, this…
Breaking Muscle Logo

4 Commitments You Can Make to Have Happy, Healthy Holidays

Vanessa's Article Published in Breaking Muscle Vanessa Bennington…
this week in sarasota video

This Week in Sarasota - Seaward CrossFit

The Seaward CrossFit part starts at 2:30 mins Alex from the…
herald-tribune logo blue

Seaward CrossFit in the Herald-Tribune

"Couple launches Seaward Crossfit gym" Here is a great article…
kale salad

Tasty Kale Salad

Looking for an amazing side dish to serve with your meal tonight? Something…
broken lift

“The Any Old Asshole Workout” (TAOAW)

I first heard this term during my CrossFit Level One certification…
Mick Worthley - MOM Nov 2014

Newsletter - November Edition 2014

The PR Press wants to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Our members are…