Obligation Overload

What’s Your Obligation?

So, this will be a more rhetorical post, but it’s because I’m genuinely interested in what everyone thinks. As it sits now, we are all forced with an “obligation overload.” Between social obligations, commutes, financial obligations, family relationships, school, work, the pursuit of dreams and satisfaction, and the rest of the items that consume our time, money, and energy, WE’RE TAPPED OUT! As a society, we have began to pride ourselves on being over-taxed and under-recovered. This is bad, really bad: Stress, it’s killing you.

This problem of being overloaded with obligations is generally much worse for those of us who have made a commitment to take care of ourselves through frequent exercise and a healthy diet. It’s crazy to think about how much more time Vanessa and I would have in our day if we didn’t workout, buy fresh and perishable foods, and cook tasty and healthy meals. However, stopping exercising and being okay with an unhealthy, yet convenient diet, are not realities that we are willing to accept. Our health is too damn important for us to shrug this lifestyle off. Well, that and we REALLY do enjoy working out and cooking delicious paleo meals, like 50/50 Bacon and Beef Burgers.

So where’s the question in all of this? If we, and the like-minded people reading this, realize the value of our health, what is our obligation to spread that to others? All of us have family and friends that are possibly doing irreparable harm to their metabolisms, bodies, hormones, bones, and brain through the regular inclusion of harmful foods and the regular exclusion of beneficial physical activity. They are quite literally killing themselves and severely reducing their quality of life.

I love the fact that Vanessa and I have been able to surf and skydive without needing to lose weight or prepare physically. I love the fact that we made a no-notice and no-preparation 10 mile hike in Waimea Canyon on our Hawaiian honeymoon. I love that, as far as physical activities go, we can do pretty much whatever we want, whenever we want because of our health. This is a gift, a gift that we have bestowed upon ourselves, and that we plan on bestowing upon our children.

Chuck and Vanessa Hiking

That all being said, what’s your obligation? What’s your obligation to getting your friends and family to make changes to their health? While you are trying to help them out of a real love and concern, many of them don’t want to change; most people are fairly complacent in their diets and inactivity. If the people that you care about the most in this world are harming themselves and you stand idly by, are you just as guilty? OR, is health and fitness something that needs to be a self discovery that isn’t preempted by someone else?

I honestly don’t know what the answer is. I’m curious to hear what everyone’s thoughts are.

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