What’s the deal with protein powders?

Struggling to fit your prescribed protein each day?

When beginning to track macros this is often a big hurdle. Many people say, “How the heck am I going to eat x grams of protein ?!?!“. This is a great reason to begin supplementation.

First, and foremost, remember it is called supplementation becasue it supplements your nourishment plan. You diet should NOT be centered around any powders, pills, or potions no matter how magical you were told it was by your friend who is part of a pyramid scheme and is now enlightened. Eat real food is your #1 priority.

Using a high quality protein to supplement post workout has been proven over and over to be beneficial for increased lean mass and strength. When done right, it is the quickest way to get nutrients to your muscles, preventing a catabolic state (starving your muscles).

The rule of thumb is to consume 20-30g of whey protein within 1 hour after completing your workout for optimal results.

I enjoy my shakes best when mixed with 6-8oz of almond milk, coconut milk, fat free milk, water or even coconut water. Avoid fats AND to optimize the flavor.

We carry only the highest quality products which are all approved by the FDA. That’s why we chose SFH (Stronger Faster Healthier). Added ingredients are abundant in many products on the market. Take a look at the nutrition facts and see how large the portion size is and then see how many grams of protein are in each serving. The numbers should be very close. If the serving size is 50g but you’re only getting 25g of protein, ask yourself “what is in the other 25g?” Read the label and find out. There are likely many unfavorable added ingredients, AKA fillers such as fats or artificial sugars.

Get your protein right here at the gym. I promise you won’t save money by shopping on Amazon guaranteed (If you find the same product for less we will match it) so forget about 2-day shipping just pickup it when you’re already here working out!

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