Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Gainz! 01.23.2015

We want everyone at Seaward to participate in the open! Ideally, we’d have everyone competing in the RX division but we know some of you guys just started or you’re just not quite there yet. The good news is, there IS a scaled division this year! Check out the video for more info. Then sign up!

Back Squat
*All working sets, move fast.

2 Rounds
1:00 Max Russian Swings (2/1.5)
1:00 Max Hand Release Push-ups
Immediately followed by:
800m Run

Hang Snatch (below knee)

Hang Clean (below knee)
Snatch Balance
4×2; add weight from last week

3 Sets, “Max” Rep Handstand Push-up @ 85-90% effort

*Strict as long as possible and then rotate to kipping, but leave a couple reps in the tank on all sets. No failure! Denote when strict became kip.

*30 Hollow Rocks between rounds.
20:00 Moderate Row or Airdyne

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