Wednesday July 11

Seaward CrossFit – CrossFit

Question of the day

If you could be a cartoon character for a week, who would you be?

Metcon (Time)

For time:

45 Back squats (185lbs/125lbs)

45 Deadlifts (225lbs/155lbs)
*11 minute time cap


45 Back squats (manageable laod)

45 Deadlifts (manageable load)

*Use a weight for each movement that allows for 10 reps to be completed unbroken.

**KB variations can be subbed for barbell

Cool Down

3:00 Bike/ row/run (easy pace)

75 band good mornings (easy band)


3 Sets

10/10 Barbell backloaded 20″ step ups (AHAP)

4 sets

30/30 Band adduction (

5 sets

10 Back extensions (

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