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What goals are you currently working on inside the gym?

3 Push jerks + 1 split jerk (E2MOM x 7 (14 minutes))

This is a barbell complex that will challenge technical upper body pressing movements.
Don’t get overzealous here, this will be a real challenge after a few rounds.

Accessory Work

3 Rounds NOT for time of:

12 Renegade rows

20 V-ups


The renegade rows will challenge the body to avoid rotation while also performing a relatively challenging horiztonal pulling function. 12 reps should be challenging to complete, but doable unbroken. The overall v-up volume is high. Use rep range/variation that allows for the first set to be completed in no more than 2 quick sets.


Renegade Row

*Reduce load and preserve mechanics.


*Modify to a tuck v-up or seated tuck.

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