Tuesday July 10th


Reminder: This Friday we will host No Shower Happy Hour in lieu of the 6:30pm class. Invite your friends/ family :)

Seaward CrossFit – CrossFit

Question of the day

If you could eat only 3 foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP 5:00

25 Double unders

3 Pull-ups

25 Double unders

6 Pull-ups

25 Double unders

9 Pull-ups

25 Double unders

12 Pull-ups

*Continue in this fashion until the clock hits 5:00.

REST from 5:00-10:00

AMRAP 5:00 (10:00-15:00)

3 cal Bike or row

3 Handstand push-ups

6 cal Bike or row

6 Handstand push-ups

9 cal Bike or row

9 Handstand push-ups

12 cal Bike or row

12 Handstand push-ups
Score is TOTAL reps but make note of separate scores from part 1 and 2.


AMRAP 5:00

50 Single unders

3 Jumping pull-ups

50 Single unders

6 Jumping pull-ups

*Continue in this fashion until the clock hits 5:00

5:00 Rest

AMRAP 5:00

3 cal Bike or row

3 Pike push-ups

6 cal assault bike or row

6 Pike push-ups

*Continue in this fashion until the clock hits 5:00.

*If needed scale to a dumbbell strict press.

Cool Down

Banded shoulder stretch sequence

2 Sets each side of:

0:30 Lat stretch

0:30 Hand up and over stretch

0:30 Elbow in band

*Go through all 3 movements on the right side and then do the left side.


Bench Press – Find 1RM

*Reach your 1RM in no more than 8 attempts. Allow 20:00 to reach your 1RM, and allow 2-5:00 between final 3 attempts.

3×8 DB Floor press (AHAP)

5 Rounds NOT for time

20 Banded tricep push-downs

20/20 Single arm reverse fly (https://youtu.be/2s35VKmym_s)

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