Tuesday 7.09.19

Seaward CrossFit – Seaward MVMNT

Functional Strength

3 sets, NOT for time:

1A – 16 Half kneeling press (8/8, neutral grip)

1B – 16 3-Point Rows (8/8)

1C – 30 T’s Y’s W’s (10/10/10)

2 sets, NOT for time:

2A – 15 Push ups ( To barbell at Belly high, waist high, or knee high)

*Choose variation that all for full ROM. Your chest MUST touch each time!

2B – 15 Pull ups (ring rows)

Metcon (No Measure)

12 Minute EMOM (:45 work/ :15 rest)

Min 1 – Row max calories

Min 2 -Alternating DB snatch

Min 3 – Alternating step ups

Min 4 – Butterfly sit ups
If need-be stagger athletes at different stations to make best use of equipment.

Cool Down

Jefferson curl (unweighted if needed)

Banded hamstring stretch (1:00/1:00)

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