TUESDAY 12.04.18

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Question of the day

If You Could Go Back In Time And Make Little Changes To Your Childhood, What Is One Thing You’d Learn And Master Over The Years So You’d Be An Expert At It Today?

Grace (Time)

For Time:
30 Clean and Jerks, 135# / 95#
Complete w/ Rx weight if you can perform 8+ quick touch and go reps.


Use a light load that allows for sound mechanics and a sub 7:00 finish.

Clean and Jerk (Heavy set of 2 complete within :20 )

With running clock from Grace work to heavy set of 2 before 15:00

Cool Down

3:00 Row, bike, jog, or jump rope easy

Lying rear delt + internal/external rotation stretch

2 rounds each arm of:

0:30 Rear delt

0:30 External rotation

0:30 Internal rotation


Gymnastics Developmentand aerobic work:

EMOM 10:00 (10 sets):

Minute 1: Bike @ EZ pace

Minute 2: 3 Russian dips from forearms + 3 dips + 3 Russian dips from upper arms


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