TUESDAY 10.16.18

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Question of the day

What is one things you were REALLY into when you were younger?

Metcon (Time)

For time:


Deficit handstand push-up (4/3″)

*100-ft Kettlebell farmers carry after each round (70lbs/53lbs)

At the 12:00 mark:

For time:


Weighted pull-up (45lbs/35lbs)

*100 Double unders after each round

*Leaderboard total time without rest.


The possibilities are endless :)

Movement Options:

Handstand push-ups:

*Strict handstand push-up

*Decrease reps to 15-12-9

*Pike ups

Farmer Carry

*Use (53lbs/35lbs)

*Use what the athlete can carry for 50-ft.


*Strict pull-up

*Ring rows (feet elevated)

Double unders

*Decrease reps to 75, 50 or 25. Ensure these can be done in under 1:30.

*50 LOW stick jumps, use a height where jumps can be consecutive.

Accessory Work

3 Sets for QUALITY

10 Box Dips

5 Inchworm + Updog: Down Dog

0:30 Single leg ring plank hold (alternate leg the is raised every 0:05)

25 band pull aparts


Warm Up Sets:

Every 1:30 for 4 sets:

3 Push press + 3 push jerks

*Increase load each set

Working Sets:

Every 2:00 for 5 sets:

3 Push press + 3 push jerks

*Build to a max

*Leaderboard only heaviest set

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