Travis English Athlete of the Month

Travis English – Athlete of the Month October 2018

1. What, if any, athletic experiences did you have prior to starting CrossFit?
Growing up I played a lot of sports, when I got older just stuck with recreational sports like flag football and basketball leagues.
2.  When did you start working out at Seaward?
Four score and seven years ago…. probably around Feburary.
3. What keeps you coming back?
The environment, great people, great coaching, and accessory work added into the Wods everyday.
4. Was this you first experience doing CrossFit?
Nein, I have been doing CrossFit for almost 2 years. Breaks here n there from injuries. My Madden injury rating is a 99.
5. If you could write a WOD what would it be?
1,000m Row
5 Power Clean 225/175
1,000m Row
3 Power Clean 225/175
1,000m Row
1 Power Clean 225/175
6. What are some of your goals, fitness, or personal?
Goal is to put myself on the right track to succeed in all aspects of life. Cutting back on drinking has given me more energy not only at the gym but with work as well. I have one Wod goal and it’s to complete “King Kong”.
7. Any PRs you’re proud of?
285 Clean, road to 300. Was one of my goals when I started CrossFit.
8. List any improvements you have noticed in your life since starting CF?
Crossfit has allowed me excel in other sports and running. It helped me find my engine and learn to dig deep when your tired.
9. What’s your favorite meal (cheat meal is fine!)?
Buffalo Wings
10. What would you tell a friend contemplating CF
It’s a fun journey, you grow, fail, and overcome things you did not think were possible. The community is a huge part of what makes crossfit fun, having people support and push you every day.
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