You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know: Why Tracking the Details is Paramount for Training Progress


Whether you realize it or not, you and your athletes are probably missing crucial data in your overall training program. Sure, everyone is tracking their workout performances these days and tons of folks are tracking their food, but that’s just scratching the surface of what significantly impacts athlete performance and recovery. What about sleep, stress, and soreness? What about tracking menstrual cycle for female athletes? And how about not just looking at these factors as they directly impact the hard numbers of load lifted or the speed of a run, but looking at relationships between the factors themselves?

Even if you have athletes that are stellar at tracking workout performance, nutrition, and sleep, chances are that it’s not all in one place that’s easy to reference. Chances are also pretty good that there are reams of data missing that could help you and your athletes break through to the next level.

The Gym Gypsy journal has been an absolute game changer for me as a coach.

Here’s a list of what’s tracked on a daily basis:

• Training intent/focus for the day
• Mood
• Hours slept
• Quality of sleep
• Stress level
• Fatigue
• Soreness
• Motivation
• Warm-up/mobility
• Strength/skill work
• Conditioning
• Nutrition (foods/cals/fats/carbs/protein)

By having so many elements tracked daily in a singular place, we can learn so much about our athletes on a truly individual level. You can find patterns and trends in the data that start to reveal things like:

Ideal warm-ups for an athlete based on the movements required in the workout. The amount of sleep quantity and quality needed for stable, good moods. Carb and calories ranges that impact soreness and fatigue. Strength and conditioning workout structures that benefit or detract from motivation. How big of an impact in performance setting an intent or focus for the training session makes.

Gym Gypsy Journal Entry

By having athletes track information in the Gym Gypsy journal you can provide higher order coaching on an unmatched level.

By athletes becoming habitual in tracking and monitoring all of these influences, they greatly improve not only their performance, but also their entire their journey through health and fitness.

If you’d like to learn more or purchase a Gym Gypsy journal or recommend it to a friend, family member or athlete click here.

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