THURSDAY 8.09.18

Seaward CrossFit – CrossFit

Question of the day

If you could ask the President one question, what would it be?

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds for time of:

20 Wall ball shots (20lbs/14lbs)

10 Deadlifts (225lbs/155lbs)
Wall ball

*The first 20 wall balls should be unbroken and take less than 1:00. If this does not happen scale reps to 10-15 reps each round with the rx’d load. Attempt fewer reps today before less weight.


The deadlift should not be extremely heavy today. The first 2 rounds should be unbroken with very short rest periods possibly occurring on rounds 3-5. Decrease weight accordingly.

Accessory Work

15 Janda sit-ups

15 plank march (each leg)



EMOM for 12 minutes:

Minute 1: 8/6 cals

Minute 2: 10/8 cals

Minute 3: 12/ 10 cals

Repeat 4x

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