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This Week in Sarasota – Seaward CrossFit

The Seaward CrossFit part starts at 2:30 mins

Alex from the online magazine This Week in Sarasota paid Seaward CrossFit a visit for the week’s edition of Come at Me Sarasota. We don’t think he was expecting this kind of workout.

Vanessa commented on the expectations that beginners can have about CrossFit. They end the Workout of the Day (WOD) pretty winded and fatigued. Then think to themselves, maybe I’m not as good as what I thought I was.

With such a variety of workouts and exercises, Alex first struggled with the kettle bell. After a few pointers from Coach Chuck, he was getting the hang of it. Alex got stuck into the beloved burpies with ease but struggled with the weighted lunges.

Unfortunately, Alex didn’t complete his workout and Vanessa did catching him taking a nap during the session. Maybe he should come back regularly and see how big an effect consistent effort and determination can have on your health and fitness.

Thanks for coming down guys. You are more than welcome come back at any time.

April 17th 2014


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