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I recall years ago when Charles started working part time for the six am classes at GSX CrossFit, then grew in that position to running the gym, programming the WOD, now part of my C F gymnastic team, and being an always ever faithful friend. You have come so very far Chukckstable! Kudos!

Jeff TuckerDirector of CrossFit Gymnastics

If you want to up your game, get in the best shape of your life, work with the most knowledgable and caring coaches, go to Seaward CrossFit. They are a wonderful, supportive and fun group of people in the Rosemary district of Sarasota, walking distance to downtown.

Tiffany Tompkins-Condie

I’ve had the privilege of working with Chuck and Vanessa Bennington for almost 3 years.  I consider myself well read when it comes to nutrition and spent years trying to figure out the right combination to not only give me the body composition that I wanted, but also to improve my health and fitness as well.   I didn’t realize how much I did NOT know however, until I began working with them. With no exaggeration intended, it was literally like someone turned the light on in the dark closet I had been trudging around in my entire adult life. I learned more from Chuck in 5 weeks than I had in 15 years. He taught me about what macros really should look like, how to weigh, measure and log food, and the importance of consistently doing these things. He provided honest and thoughtful feedback on my progress, my goals and how I was doing mentally with the many changes that were occurring. As my goals changed, he changed with them and there was open communication to help with my sometimes skewed perspectives on body image.  Chuck brought order to my eating disordered background and there is no way that debt can ever be repaid.

Chuck has also been an integral part of my training. I met him when I was taking on Crossfit to enhance my Martial Arts and that relationship has continued for the past 2 1/2 years. He programmed to accommodate, support and enhance my Martial Arts and the gains I made were largely due to his dedicated efforts to my goals.  I was able to remain injury free and yet increase my strength, speed and endurance substantially.  Since stepping away from Martial Arts and into the realm of Masters-age Olympic Weightlifting, Chuck has continued to program for me and helped me to begin to understand the tremendous amount of work, dedication and patience that goes into this sport.

Vanessa’s vast knowledge of hormones and women’s health has led me to answer questions that my own Dr. could not answer. This had made all the difference for emotional health and also for training. She has also worked extensively with my daughter who is a Type 1 Diabetic. She created an excellent learning situation for her to begin to understand how food affects her body and and daily life.

Speaking from the perspective of a 53 year-old woman who deals regularly with age-related stress, injury, recovery and the non-stop hormone balancing act, not just any person is right for the nutrition and training job. In fact, I have learned the hard way that very few people are knowledgeable enough nor are they even willing or excited enough to take on the older athlete. Both Chuck and Vanessa have taken me on and have become as important to me as my family.  These two folk are the greatest team ever. Reliable and knowlegable, yet personal and caring. That’s a hard combination to beat.

Holli Jetsel

I am so grateful to have met Vanessa and Chuck Bennington in March of 2014. I had been Crossfitting and eating Paleo for approximately 2 years at the time. Unfortunately I had also gained 30 lbs in the year prior! One may ask how that is even possible, I know I surely did! When I began the Paleo journey, I also moved in with my boyfriend and made all kinds of “Paleo Treats”. Having been 225+ lbs then down to 153, these treats were amazing and in the eyes of a Paleo newbie I thought that it was a free for all. In a years time I had gained 30lbs, all while Crossfitting and eating Paleo. In May of 2014 I began working with Vanessa on my macros and really LOOKING at what I was consuming. Yes I eat strict Paleo, grassfed and organic BUT I was also eating more than I should as well as not the correct combination for my body. In 7 months time I have dropped the 30lbs, numerous inches, and a significant amount of bodyfat. I appreciate the guidance, support and enthusiasm that both Vanessa and Chuck bring into Seaward Crossfit.

Theresa Merkel

I’ve been doing CrossFit for about two years now and I’ve seen my fair share of CrossFit gyms both good and bad. Let me tell you, Chuck and Vanessa have an incredible wealth of knowledge that most would be lucky to find with any coach.

If you’re a beginner, this is the place to go to learn the fundamentals of the movements that make up CrossFit. They will insure that your learn the moves the correct way and help prevent serious injury while getting into the best shape of your life.

If you’re advanced, Seaward is the place to perfect your craft. Chuck and Vanessa will help you figure out the finer points of perfecting your snatch, clean, jerk, muscle-up, or whatever other CrossFit move you can dream of.

Do yourself a favor and try out this gym. The coaching is the best I’ve experienced (especially for lifting) and the price point is a steal for Sarasota/Bradenton area.

Kurtis Pelto

I’ve been going to Seaward CrossFit for six months, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve always been overweight, but my weight had stayed in the same 10-pound range or so for about six years. When I stepped on the scale one day in May, I saw a number I’d never seen. I went to Seaward CrossFit’s free Saturday community class the next day. I didn’t finish the whole workout, but I felt very motivated by everyone there, and no one pushed me to hurt myself.

I’ve lost 35 pounds. I’ve completed every WOD since then. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been.

The coaches and other members at Seaward care. As an unfit, overweight person, I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in there. But I’ve only been welcomed with open arms. Chuck and Vanessa are incredible coaches. They know what they’re talking about, are mindful of any injuries and are always quick to correct mistakes and commend improvements. The other members – my CrossFit family – are always encouraging. We are all athletes on different levels, but we all share a love for CrossFit.

CrossFit is for everyone. You’re not too old. You’re not too weak. You’re not too out of shape. Give it a try. Come join us!

Elizabeth Johnson

I’m a single mom with an incredibly busy schedule. I’ve searched for many years to find a gym that I felt was appropriate for not only my schedule but my way of being. The moment I met Vanessa and Chuck I knew I could see myself being a part of their family. Seaward Crossfit is an amazing place to call home. Their attention to detail and extreme carefulness when it comes to form and safety has completely blown my mind. They are professional and personable. Two very rare characteristics to find in business owners. Vanessa has been working with me on my nutrition and eating habits and I refuse to trust such an important area of my life to anyone other than her. Vanessa and Chuck are stellar and I cannot tell you enough of how much I truly appreciate them. If you are looking for a Crossfit Gym that raises the bar, then look absolutely no further.

Andi Sotolongo

I absolutely LOVE this Crossfit box! It’s located downtown so it’s super convenient to go to before/during/after work, the people are so warm and friendly that it took very little time to feel comfortable there, and the coaches seriously know their stuff! I absolutely love Crossfit – I have done the gym thing for years but always had to push myself to go. With Crossfit, I seriously WANT to go. Each day, I look forward to tomorrow’s workout. I love the combination of strength and cardio training and the encouragement from your fellow Crossfitters really helps. It’s all scalable, so you can start doing it at any level – seriously, there are some serious athletes there, and then lots of regular folks like me who need to lose 10 to 100 pounds. We all work out together and inspire each other. Definitely give it a try!

Mindy Kauffman

Dropped in on Friday 8/1/14 for weightlifting class. Great group of people and coaches. Helped a bunch with my abysmal lifting technique. Vacation a lot down in Sarasota, so this will be my go to place from now on. Thanks Guys

Tyler Oleksak

I own a box in Birmingham AL CrossFitJ19. Chuck is at my box this weekend teaching a CrossFit gymnastics cert. Outstanding coaching! If you are looking to learn CrossFit Seaward is your place.

Kelly OlcottCrossFitJ19 Owner

You are completely insane if you live anywhere near this place and do not at least give their awesome coaching skills a try. These coaches have traversed the globe teaching gymnasty and spreading great information for anything from simple coaching cues that may help one with that next PR, to more advanced help with understanding just what all that stuff means in your charts after having blood work done. I can’t say enough great things about these amazing, very special people. If your looking for a place you can call home with coaches you consider family, look no further.

Kurt Richardson

Chuck is one of the smartest coaches I know. I always look forward to hearing his take on programming and movements that every athlete should be doing. Crazy to think that all my CrossFit craziness started one day, almost 4 years ago, on a run with Chuck and Vanessa. You couldn’t pick better people to lead you in your fitness journey.

Adam Pfaff

I’ve been working a nutrition program with Vanessa for a month now and have lost 12.5 pounds! She is extremely knowledgable and encouraging. She and Charles have changed the way I think about food. Good luck with the new box! I know it will be amazing!

JoAnne Pritchett Hicks