kale salad

Tasty Kale Salad

Looking for an amazing side dish to serve with your meal tonight?

Something that is healthy, full of flavor and packed with vitamins and minerals?


Did you know that a cup of kale has 9% of the daily value of calcium, 206% of vitamin A, 134% vitamin C, and a mind blowing 684% of vitamin K. It is also a great source of minerals, containing copper, potassium, iron, manganese and phosphorus. Now that you know ALL that I bet you are super stoked to grab a head of Kale and chow down!


  1. One slice of AppleGate Farms Bacon
  2. Half a red organic onion chopped
  3. Head of organic curly leaf kale
  4. One organic apple chopped – I prefer the pink lady variety
  5. One clove of garlic minced

That”s it!

5 ingredients to make this amazing side dish! I begin by cooking my slice of bacon so that it is nice and crispy. The fat from the bacon will be used as your cooking fat, so try to choose a high quality brand of bacon. While your bacon is cooking, rinse and dry your kale. When the bacon is cooked to your liking, remove it from the pan and toss in the chopped onion, chopped apple and minced garlic. Let this cook for 5-8 minutes until the onion begins to soften. Try not to eat the lone piece of bacon while you wait! Tear the kale from the steams and toss it into the pan. Cover and let this cook until the kale begins to wilt, just a few minutes. Use a pair of kitchen shares to cut your bacon into sprinkles to top the kale salad. BACON SPRINKLES!

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