Shoulder to Overhead Hero 01.06.2015

Take lessons on the dip and drive, that’s 220 kilos (440#) for his triple.

Push Press to 3RM

10:00 AMRAP
30 DB/KB Shoulder to Overhead (15/15, partition as desired;55/35)
50 Push-Ups (Scale from elevated surfaces)
*Not expecting lots of rounds, so force movement quality priority in push-ups.

Push Press to 3RM
Split Jerk 3×3 @ 90-100% of PP 3RM

12:00 AMRAP
40 KB Shoulder to Overhead (20/20, partition as desired; 2/1.5)
50 Hollow Push-Ups (Not hollow = no rep)
Force exceptional movement quality priority in push-ups or don’t do this.

15:00 Moderate Airdyne

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