Athlete of the month - Shari White

Shari White – Athlete of the Month December 2018

1. What, if any, athletic experiences did you have prior to starting CrossFit?

I’ve always been active with working out off and on at the regular gym , I was definitely a gym rat!

2. When did you start working out at Seaward?

Early September 2018

3. What keeps you coming back?

The drive to be better and get stronger I’ve definitely drank the koolaid.

4. Was this you first experience doing CrossFit?


5. If you could write a WOD what would it be?

12 Minute AMRAP 200 m row, 10 burpees over bar , 10 power cleans

6. What are some of your goals, fitness, or personal?

Get stronger along with good form and tone up some left over baby weight that seems to stick to the mid section

7. Any PRs you’re proud of?

Anything over head bc that’s my biggest limitation

8. List any improvements you have noticed in your life since starting CF?

I have more energy and I’ve met some great new friends

9. What’s your favorite meal (cheat meal is fine!)?

Potatoes prefer fried or a donut

10. What would you tell a friend contemplating CF?

DO IT!!!

Athlete of the month - Shari White

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