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More “Self-Love” in 2015

Love Yourself

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It’s good for you, really! We all need to participate in WAY more of it.

No, not that kind of self-love you bunch of pervs!  I’m talking about how you really feel about yourself. As the new year draws closer I know many of us are thinking about our resolutions. I am sure that for plenty of folks this will include losing weight, joining the gym, getting into your skinny jeans again, etc.. But, I want you to wait and think about something before you make those resolutions to change your diet, fitness routine, and maybe your entire life.

What is it that losing weight will do for you?

Do you think losing weight will make you finally stop hating the reflection you see in the mirror?

Will it make you happier? Really?

I know from experience losing weight doesn’t make everything come up roses and you won’t look at yourself and suddenly feel completely satisfied with how you look. Well, not until you’ve learned how to accept that you are not perfect. Nothing in nature is. Or, you could learn to see that you are perfect BECAUSE of you imperfections.

Hungry For Change


Chuck and I were watching “Hungry for Change”  tonight and Dr. Christiane Northrup began talking about a 30 day challenge she thought everyone should do if they are struggling with their health, weight, self-esteem, and depression.  She explained that often times we engage in demeaning and negative self-talk that only undermines any heathy goals we may have. For example, how many times have you thought to yourself, “You fat idiot. You’re never going to wear a bikini in public again?” or “I f****** suck. Why can’t I just have some freaking will-power.” or” You’re so weak. Why can’t you press like Miss CrossFit Queen over there?”

Think about what would happen if a parent told their chid they were a fat, lazy, loser every day, multiple times a day, for years? That kid would have some major body image issues and lousy self-esteem and probably would either be obese or have a raging eating disorder. So WHY, WHY, WHY do we think this ok to do to OURSELVES?

Although I workout and eat well,  I am still working on my “inner voice” and negative self talk. Myself is MEAN to me sometimes. With that in mind, maybe we should concentrate on a different kind of fitness resolution?  Maybe an “inner fitness” challenge would be appropriate? A challenge to learn to accept and love ourselves as we are right now? Not after you’ve lost 5,10 ,20, 50 lbs. No. Right now. Cellulite and all. Love and accept yourself now. I’m not saying you have to love everything about yourself but do accept your body as a whole and appreciate and love the good parts and acknowledge the parts you don’t love so much as part of imperfectly perfect you. I’m going to work on that in 2015 and I am hoping that perhaps some of you will do the same.

Dr Christiane Northrop


Dr. Northrup recommends posting the phrase “I accept myself unconditionally right now” on your bathroom mirror and saying these words to yourself two times daily for 30 days. Theoretically, doing this will kick start a different type of inner dialogue. One that is kinder. One that isn’t so mean. You wanna give it a try? Who’s in?

Accept RX

I feel I should also say this does not mean you should not have other goals for yourself. I will always have health and fitness goals. However, accepting and loving yourself, imperfections and all, should probably be the first goal on your list that gets checked off.  Otherwise, those other goals will be so much less satisfying… and maybe even impossible to attain.

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