SATURDAY 7.06.19

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Question of the day

What’s your favorite item you own that costs $100 or less?

Metcon (Time)

Partner “PK”

10 Rounds for time:

10 Back squats (225lbs/155lbs)

10 Deadlifts (275lbs/185lbs)

400m Sprint

*Partner 1 does 10 back squats, 10 deadlifts, and then runs 400 meters while partner 2 is resting. When the 400 meter run is complete, partner 2 does a round. Each person will do 5 rounds.
WTF Bro??? What’s the focus ;)

Each effort is meant to be a challenging sub 3:00 interval, with faster intervals being under 2:00. The loads are challenging but should be able to be completed unbroken each round. Ideally, no interval lasts much longer than 3:00. Modify athletes weight, reps, and distance to achieve this goal without capping the time.


Back Squat and Deadlifts

*Reduce loads to complete 10 reps consecutively on each round.

*Reduce reps if needed.


*Reduce distance as needed.

Cool Down

1:30/1:30 Banded supine hamstring stretch

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