Ralph Jurado - Athlete of the Month July 2018

Ralph Jurado – Athlete of the Month July 2018

1. What, if any, athletic experiences did you have prior to starting CrossFit?

I didn’t have much athletic experiences prior to starting CrossFit. I did intramural sports with my fraternity as an undergrad but after that it was sporadic trips to the gym.

2. When did you start working out at Seaward?

I started my foundations class the last week of November 2017, as a post-Thanksgiving treat.

3. What keeps you coming back?

I kept coming back to Seaward, first and foremost, because of the coaches. Chuck, Vanessa, and Ben were/are amazing, caring, and motivating individuals who knows how to educate athletes of all levels. Moreover, Team Seaward is a beautiful community. The support one receives and genuine friendliness of everyone creates such a positive atmosphere that it makes going everyday worth it, even for a new person dropping by for a workout (or happy hour!). Also, the addition of Zac, Johnny, and Jason as part of the coaching team, is like having another brother, uncle, or friend that has your back.

4. Was this you first experience doing CrossFit?


5. If you could write a WOD what would it be?

5 Rounds for Time:
15 DB Thrusters (50#/35#)
10 Pull-ups
200-m run

6. What are some of your goals, fitness, or personal?

I’m turning the big 30 in October of this year. At first, I wanted to be able to just do 30 pullups and 30 handstand pushup, so I signed up for personal training and nutrition coaching w/ Seaward to help with this goal. After several sessions with Zac and following the accessory program that he created, along with his nutritional adjustments to my daily food intake, my aim to achieve a measurable and quantifiable goal has slightly changed. Honestly, as of today, I actually just want to be the healthiest version of myself by the time I’m 30…plus the abs. J For a fact, though, the 1-on-1 with Zac is an excellent investment in my journey to a better and healthier lifestyle.

7. Any PRs you’re proud of?

I’m proud of all my PR’s but if I am to choose a few, it would have to be the ability to do about 6-7 strict unbroken pullups, and on a good-day, I can do about 20-second headstands. This one is a big one, I’ve started running.

8. List any improvements you have noticed in your life since starting CF?

Other than the physical aspects of my body changing (since I did lose about 12 lbs and 2% body fat), I am in a much better mental headspace than when I started. My attitude has changed for the best, I’m more confident, I’ve stopped smoking (which is huge!!!) and I’m getting my mojo back.

9. What’s your favorite meal (cheat meal is fine!)?

There’s so many and so I asked my friends and family, and unfortunately, the general consensus is barbecue flavored chips (even though, I haven’t eaten a full bag of chips in 7 minutes in a long time.), but I say it would be rice…everything goes with rice!

10. What would you tell a friend contemplating CF?

Absolutely try it out! Crossfit is for everybody and can be tailored and scaled to your skill level. CF, for sure, is one of the best things I’ve ever been part off.

Ralph Jurado - Athlete of the Month July 2018

Ralph Jurado – Athlete of the Month July 2018

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