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Chatty Chuck Talks Progenex

By looking around the gym, it’s pretty obvious we’re big Progenex fans around Seaward. We sell many Progenex products because we think they make incredibly well tolerated and tasty products. It’s hard not to love a company that makes protein powder taste like a Reese’s Cup. But, we realize it can be kind of confusing as to what to use, when and how much. This is a brief overview of what each product is meant to do and then an example of how Chuck incorporates it into his day.

progenex more muscle

1) More Muscle 

This serves more as a meal replacement but can also be used post workout if you should need to. There are more calories, protein, and carbs and a more complete BCAA profile  in each serving than most protein powders.

progenex recovery
2) Recovery 

This is ideal for post workout because of the type of protein used in Recovery (whey protein hydrolysate). This type of protein is already broken down into peptides which means it can be easily and rapidly absorbed once consumed and used to repair muscle cells. This is crucial for optimal recovery (i.e. more muscle, less fatigue and soreness, and better body composition).
progenex build

3) Build 

This is a new, but already popular, product from Progenex. This is primarily a carb source that can be sipped on mid or post workout. It’s an ideal carbohydrate at these times because the glucose it provides digests quickly and can easily be shuttled into muscle cells to aid in glycogen replacement and fuel for your workout.
progenex force

4) Force

This is a pre-workout supplement that enhances nitric oxide production. Why would we want more nitric oxide? Increased nitric oxide means enhanced blood and oxygen delivery to the working muscles, enhanced VO2Max, reduced blood pressure, and increased delivery of nutrients (proteins, glucose, etc.) to your muscle cells during training. Basically, it means a better workout.
progenex cocoon

5) Cocoon

This product has two ingredients that make it special: casein protein and tryptophan. Casein is a protein that digests slowly, delivering protein over the course of hours rather than a few minutes. This is why many people like to use it before bedtime so that while sleeping, recovery is enhanced by an almost constant supply of amino acids/proteins. The tryptophan in Cocoon also enhances sleep. Vanessa wrote an entire review on Cocoon you can read here.

If you’re still confused about how to use these products, here’s how Chuck incorporates them into his day:

Within 30:00 of waking:
2 scoops More Muscle in 20oz coffee with 1tbsp coconut oil

30:00 prior to working out:
1 packet of Force

Within 15:00 of finishing workout:
2 scoops Recovery
*On longer duration workout or higher volume days I’ll also add 2 scoops Build to replenish glycogen and spike insulin.

If I’m going to have longer than 3 hrs between meals:
2 scoops More Muscle and either some kind of starchy carbs with a lower glycemic index (training days) or some kind of added fat (rest days).
*This is to continue to maintain BCAA availability. And keep me from getting “hangry” (hungry + angry).

30:00 prior to bed:
2 scoops Cocoon (only if I feel under recovered or if I’ll have trouble sleeping)

Have more questions? Or do you want to purchase some Progenex? Find us before or after class and we’ll help you out!

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