Paleo Thin Mints!


Who doesn’t like a ice cream cone full of chocolate mint chip or a thin mint after dinner? But, if you’re trying to eat a “clean” or paleo diet, thin mints are pretty much entirely out of the question. Or are they? Theresa Merkel has found a way to make that refreshing chocolatey-mint taste paleo and not fail-eo. Check it out!

Thin Minty Goodness Bites

What is a LunchBox Bite? It is a sweet, yummy and easy to make treat! The kids love these and I know that they are enjoying quality ingredients instead of a long list of crap. A batch of bites takes about 20 mins to whip up and requires no cooking. Now that is easy! I played with this recipe a few times before I settled. I had batches that were too crumbly, too oily and with macros that I thought could be better. This is simple, the consistency made me smile, and they taste scrumptious.




20 Organic Medjool Dates

1.5 Scoops of Stronger Faster Healthier Chocolate Protein

1/4 cup Organic Almond Butter

1 tsp organic mint oil

1 tbs Enjoy Life Chips

1 tbs organic cocoa powder

Make sure you remove all pits from your dates before you begin!

I place all the dates into my food processor first and break them up for a few seconds before I add the remaining ingredients. Be sure not to mix for too long or you will end up with a super sticky tootsie roll type consistency. Definitely not what you want here! I mix in the remaining ingredients and blend until I notice a nice crumbly consistency. Using my cookie scoop, I make balls and firmly roll them in my hands. The scoop is optional, but I find it faster and I like having them all the same size for more accuracy with macros. When you have finished rolling them all, place your bites into the fridge and enjoy them as a treat!

I found this cookie scoop on Amazon and it yields 17 Thin Minty Goodness Bites. The macros listed are for the ENTIRE batch. You may divide by however many bites you make with a scoop of your choice.

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