No Shower Happy Hour! 11.06.2015

ALL: Metcon (No Measure)
6 Rounds, Not For Time (Move deliberate!!):
5 Strict Handstand Pushups
4-8 Strict Toes-to-Bar
15 Hollow Rocks

For athletes who have no trouble with 5 strict handstand pushups, add a deficit which challenges them. Sets do not need to be unbroken. This is skill and strength development, not a workout, so make sure the athlete challenges their abilities.

Preferred scales/progressions:
For HSPU, use negatives. If negatives are a no-go, 8-10 reps of heavy 2xDB/KB shoulder press.

For T2B:
Straight leg, hanging leg raise w/ :01 pause as high as possible. If hands are destroyed, do slow, unanchored situps.

ALL: Metcon (Time)
20 Strict Pullups
20 Medicine Ball Squats
20 Kipping Handstand Pushups (or KB/DB PP)
20 Medicine Ball Cleans
20 Strict Ring Dips
20 Wall Ball Shots

*Move meticulous. Time is secondary priority to flawless positions.

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