MONDAY 11.19.18

Seaward CrossFit – CrossFit

Question of the day

What show are you currently really into?

Push Press (Build to a 3 rep max in 7:00)

Compare to 8/1/18

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP 7:00

10 Push Press (95lbs/65lbs)

30 Double unders


Option 1

*Use this modification, If the load is heavy for this athlete or the double unders will cause a high amount of failed reps.

AMRAP 7:00

10 Push Press (75lbs/55lbs)

30 Double unders or 0:30 of double under practice

Option 2

AMRAP 7:00

10 Push Press (Light load)

30 60 single unders.

Cool Down

20/20 Overhead PVC circles

20 Pass throughs

1:00/1:00 Lower leg barbell smash

1:30 Upper back roll with plate


50/50 Alternating incline dumbbell bench press (medium weight, 2-3 sets)

Max Set of chest to bar pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, Australian rows (barbell inverted rows), ring rows. Pick a upper body pull variation you will get 10+ reps.

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