Metcon, Gymnastic, and Weightlifting PR building blocks 03.09.2017

Seaward CrossFit – CrossFit

ALL: Metcon (No Measure)

50′ trips of:

regular crawl forward and backward

lateral crawl



spiderman crawl

*between each trip:

5 band pull apart

3 band pass through

3 sets

2:00 row or bike

1:00/1:00 couch stretch

3 sets

0:30 wrist stretch

8 scap push-ups

0:30 plank

1:30 straddle stretch

0:30 floor shoulder flexion stretch

With remaining time, work on aerobic capacity, gymnastic goals, individual dysfunction or make-up work from Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

*If you make-up a workout, please go back and record the workout in WODify.

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