INVERSION 07.24.2015


FIT: Handstand Walk (8:00 working window. )
Handstand walk and hold skill work.

FIT: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
15:00 ladder
1 hang clean (135/95)
5 ft handstand walk
2 hang cleans (135/95)
10 ft handstand walk
3 hang cleans (135/95)
15 ft handstand walk

*Add reps and feet until 15:00 is up. Each handstand walk is a rep. Record where you end up in the ladder.


Gymnastic HS Course 1

8:00 max trips
2 freestanding kip to handstand
15″ HS walk with 2 cone zig-zag
HS walk up 25#, 35#, 45# plate stairs

COMP: Metcon (Time)
Row 7500 m at an easy pace.
*Heavy singles tomorrow.

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