Holiday Nutrition Strategy

The holidays are right around the corner and with the holidays comes many parties, happy hours, and many other f*$& it moments. Balancing the social life with your goals to get in shape and look lean is a tough game of tug of war. Do you struggle with staying on track during the holiday season? Do you find yourself say, “I’m just going to have fun and start after the new year? Do you sometimes find yourself avoiding restaurants and bars, afraid of the temptation to eat and drink things not on your approved foods list? If you answered yes to any or all of these, I feel your pain bro.

I love food, having a good time, and I’m a social butterfly who has a severe case of FOMO.

My passion is to help as many people possible to live their best life by showing them how to be healthier happier humans by educating them how to look good naked and be confident without missing out on all the fun stuff along the way.

“I’m on a diet so…”

“…I can’t go to the tailgate before the big game.”

“…I’m not eating [fill in the blank with entire food group]”

“…I can’t have chocolate at the movie with my girl”

You get the point. So many rules! I don’t know about you but no part of that sounds like my best life. BOOORING!

Keeping it real simple

I’ve never been a big fan of rules. Especially rules that restrict me from having a good time. I’ve been following one simple rule for quite some time now and I feel it’s easy and can work well for anyone, anywhere, anytime; over the holidays, while traveling for work, and any other time for that matter. Keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it real simple!

  • Eating breakfast before work
  • Quick lunch at your desk
  • Dinner on Tuesday night at home
  • Quick dinner before you catch the red eye home

All these situations you are likely eating alone and the goal is to fuel your body for the rest of the day. Eat REAL whole foods (can be hunted or grown) with a short SIMPLE ingredient. Keep it REAL SIMPLE!

This doesn’t mean it has to be a bland plate of chicken and broccoli but it does mean you may have to think outside the box and try some new ingredients so you can enjoy full flavor healthy meals on the go.

Truth is you will eat more times alone than with your friends and family so eat well when you’re alone and you can have the freedom to indulge the other times. Eat your

By keeping it REAL SIMPLE my friends/ family are dumbfounded that I am so lean because when I am around them, I eat burgers, wings, and other “indulgent” food. What they don’t see is the other 80% of the time when I am eating whole, unprocessed foods to fuel my body for gaining lean muscle and burning fat.

I am super strict with my REAL SIMPLE meals. I eat lean cuts of meat, fish, lots of vegetables, raw nuts/ seeds, fruit, and very little, almost zero, refined carbohydrates (or any processed foods for that matter).

I’ve found strategizing this way ensures I get more than enough nutrient dense foods while allowing me to keep my sanity. I can enjoy myself during social situations and I can easily adjust on the fly. You do not have to restrict entire food groups or restrict your calories down to almost nothing.


Most meals are eaten alone and/or to fuel the remainder of your daily activities. Keep these meals REAL SIMPLE, they don’t involve much fun or contribute much to building memories like your grandma’s homemade sweet potato casserole or throwing back dad’s home brew.

Hold yourself accountable and be strict with yourself during these meals so you can have a good time and not stress out the rest of the time. Disciplined when nobody is watching gives you freedom to enjoy yourself while everyone is.

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