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What was the best costume you ever wore?

Push Press (In 20:00 complete 6 sets of push press )

Between each set perform KB front rack carry, 200 ft (3 trips down and back length of mat).

WTF?? What’s the focus & scaling options

Push Press: Use loads that are relatively heavy but allow for a gradual build up over the course of the 6 sets without sacrificing mechanics. There should be no misses today.

Front Rack Carry: This will be somewhat of an “odd object” midline/ shoulder strengthening exercise. Be sure to maintain kettlebells in front of the body not at your sides. The time under tension for three trips down and back will elevate the heart rate.

Accessory Work

3 Sets, NOT for time:

12 Ring rows (challenging foot placement)

20 Banded straight arm pulldowns

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