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Metcon (Time)

With a partner for time:

60 Dumbbell push jerks + Handstand hold (50lbs/35lbs per hand)

60/50 Calorie row or assault bike, accumulated

60 Dumbbell facing burpees, synchronized

600 meter run together
Workout specifics:

1) Accumulate 60 push jerks. A person can only be working while their partner is holding a handstand on the wall.

2) Break up the row in any fashion.

3) Synchro for the burpees is the only chest on the ground at the same time.


40 Dumbbell push jerk + Handstand hold from box (light load)

40/30 Calorie row or assault bike, aummulated

40 Dumbbell facing burpees, syncronized

400 met run together

Metcon (Time)

Happily Ever After

For Time:

7 Rounds

4 Power Cleans (165/115)

8 Wall Balls (20/14)

17 Abmat Sit Ups

–Burpees (38/36)–

2 Rounds

500m Row

6 Power Snatch(135/85)

20 Pull-ups

18 Front Squats (135/85)

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