George Ruppeiner - Athlete of the Month August 2018

George Ruppeiner – Athlete of the Month August 2018

1. What, if any, athletic experiences did you have prior to starting CrossFit?

I have run regularly since my early twenties, a period in which I ran two marathons. I worked out on the YMCA exercise machines, though somewhat indifferently at just twice a week.

2. When did you start working out at Seaward?

I started last August, so I am at my one-year anniversary. My son in CrossFit got me to start by telling me about his experience doing the Murph. It sounded so absurd that I just had to check it out.

3. What keeps you coming back?

I come for the tight organizational structure, the comradeship of working with others in small classes, the philosophy of complete fitness but most of all the excellent coaching!

4. Was this your first experience doing CrossFit?

Yes. I had heard about CrossFit but I never really related to it before I joined last year.

5. If you could write a WOD what would it be?

My WOD would be 1-mile run, 100 sit-ups, 100 air squats, 50 pushups, 1-mile run,

with the middle three sets partitioned as the athlete likes, and with a 45-minute time cap. This METCON works legs, abs, glutes, and arms.

6. What are some of your goals, fitness, or personal?

RX Murph, including pull-ups and vest, gymnastics including toes to bar and muscle ups. For me, these are sort of long term goals.

7. Any PRs you’re proud of?

PR’s that I have some pride in are Karen, 9:45, with 14# WB (this Karen was embedded in a longer workout). 225# deadlift.

8. List any improvements you have noticed in your life since starting CF?

My health has improved. My weight dropped 20 pounds since joining the box (now age 65, height 6 ft 0 in, weight 182 pounds, resting pulse 58 bpm, and blood pressure 116/74).

9. What’s your favorite meal (cheat meal is fine!)?

Well, it has to be Italian. Ossobuco is one of my favorites.

10. What would you tell a friend contemplating CF

Work hard for slow, steady improvement in all aspects of CrossFit. Go often, and avoid targeting just workouts that you are strong in. Most of all, avoid pushing yourself for rapid improvement in specific areas just to impress peers or to build your PR. You will never win this game, and it is the quickest way to burnout.

George Ruppeiner - Athlete of the Month August 2018

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