Front Squat, Thruster, Push Jerk 03.28.2017

Seaward CrossFit – CrossFit

ALL: Front Squat (3,3,3 Build load. )

ALL: Thruster (3,3,3 Build load.)

ALL: Push Jerk (3,3,3 Build load. )

SoS: Seaward Stretch | Limber Weightlifter (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Child’s Pose

Puppy Pose

Scorpion with Shoulder Stretch

Hero’s Pose

Saddle or Half Saddle

Seated Forward Fold


Twisted Lizard

Malasana (Sanskrit or “yoga” for squat)

Forward Fold with Hands Clasped Behind Back

Standing Wide Legged Straddle with Namaste Hands or Fists
You can do this before or after class or anytime tomorrow to loosen up!

You can go through as many times as you like. Hold passive positions anywhere from 3 breaths to 3 minutes. The choice is yours. If you are stretching pre-workout or anytime outside of post workout, make sure you break a light sweat first or ease into stretches to avoid pulling or straining anything.

“Score” is only there to remind you to do it! Record “1” if you did it, “0” if you didn’t, so you can track consistency over time.

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