Membership Fees



All CrossFit classes will last for approximately an hour and will be geared toward building a stronger, healthier, and fitter you. All Seaward CrossFit coaches are certified CrossFit coaches. You can expect many barbell and gymnastic movements in addition to monostructural conditioning pieces. Our goal is to improve Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy through functional and SAFE movement.

New to Seaward

  • New to CrossFit

    CrossFit Foundations $200

    4 Sessions of small group coaching and then 2 weeks of Unlimited Access to Classes!  Perfect for a safe introduction into CrossFit. Read more here.

  • Experienced in CrossFit

    CrossFit Test Out $75

    1 session of small group coaching. For experienced CrossFitters new to Seaward CrossFit. Read more here.

CrossFit Membership Options

  • Unlimited CrossFit Membership $185/month

    As a Gold Member you are entitled to unlimited CrossFit classes. You can add on Weightlifting classes to your membership. See the Add Ons below.

  • 4 Times Per Week CrossFit Membership $165/Month

    As a Silver Member you are entitled to 4 CrossFit classes per week. You can add on more classes of CrossFit or Weightlifting. See the Add Ons below.

CrossFit Drop-in and Punch Card

We welcome drop-ins for those of you visiting Sarasota and who are away from their home CrossFit box.

  • Drop-ins $20 per class
  • Discounts for 3 or more CrossFit drop-in classes
  • Ask us about our discounts for fire fighters, paramedics, police officers and current military members.

We also offer Punch Cards. Please email us at for more information. However, we strongly encourage that rather than buying single classes, that you commit to a minimum of three CrossFit sessions per week. This will enable you to truly gain the most benefit from both CrossFit training and the community. Our programming is planned and scheduled with purpose and intent rather than simply randomized or haphazard workouts. Therefore, coming to classes on a regular basis will enable you to reap the most physical and athletic benefits. Also, one of the most unique and beneficial aspects of CrossFit is the community. The people you meet in class will not only give you support and encouragement in the gym, but who may also prove to be some of the best friends you’ll ever have.

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Ask us about our discounts for families, fire fighters, paramedics, police officers and ex/current military members.