Deadlift, Strict Toe to Bar, Row 02.08.2017

Seaward CrossFit – CrossFit

ALL: Deadlift (5×3 @ 2111)

2 count eccentric on all reps (nothing dropped). No bounce or TnG, bar comes to a controlled stop each time and resets tension. 1 count pause in the top to work on good finish position. Work on learning a good start position with tension in the posterior chain. Stay double overhand unless lifting BWx1.5 or higher.

ALL: 50 Strict T2B (Time)

50 strict toe to bar
Feet do NOT travel behind the hips at any point.

ALL: Tabata Row (Distance)

row 8 intervals; :20w/:10r
Be okay with this being down after Mon-Wed training. Even if it’s not “PR”, it’s still productive energy system work.

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