DAT AZZ 11.20.2015

Ideally, you would hit both the push press and RDL today. However, if upper body or posterior chain is still highly fatigued from earlier in the week, feel free to choose one lift today and hit the other tomorrow. If you plan on push pressing tomorrow, really evaluate if you want to do the “EXTRA” retcon.

ALL: Push Press (1RM)

ALL: Romanian Deadlift (RDL 6RM, 95%x6, 90%x6x2)
Go as low as possible while keeping back flat, knees back, and tension on hamstrings.

EXTRA: Metcon (Time)
50 Wall Ball, 20#/14# to 10′
30 Power Cleans, 155#/105#
6 Rope Climbs, 15′ Ascent

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