Crossfit is not too expensive

CrossFit Is TOO Expensive!


Seaward CrossFit is a bargain, seriously. I know this, because of the quality of coaching that we offer and what a value it is. For many individuals looking at pricing, they make an apples to oranges comparison of gym membership cost at a more common “big box” gym to the cost of a membership at Seaward CrossFit. Yes, if we’re comparing simple gym and facility access there does seem to be quite a disparity in $40-$50 versus $135-$165 per month. The reality is that a potential client really needs to evaluate the cost of coaching or personal training at those gyms versus our membership prices. 

Just to be completely transparent, here’s where I pulled my prices for comparison:

Source: December 30 2014.

Source: December 30 2014.

Because we’re making an evaluation of basically small group personal  training (Seaward CrossFit) to personal training (24 Hour Fitness), I’ll give them the benefit of pricing based on their “partner” sessions. So let’s look at:

Five 50-Minute Partner Sessions @ $464.99 ($92.99 per session, 5 sessions)


Ten 50-Minute Partner Sessions @ $849.99 ($84.99 per session, 10 sessions)

If we assume that the average month has 4.5 weeks, here is the Seaward CrossFit pricing:

3 Classes per week @ $135 ($10 per session, 13.5 sessions)


Unlimited Classes per week @ $165 ($6.11, 27 sessions)

Obviously, just in the direct comparison of pricing, we are cheaper per session. However, even if pricing were exactly the same, we would still be the better choice. We have higher quality coaching that actually justifies payment as a service. My guess is that you can count, well, if you can count sequentially then there isn’t very much that a big box trainer can offer you. Generally with “their” setup, you’re simply paying for someone to be accountable to and to count your repetitions for you.

Stop and think about something like a bicep curl or a lat pull-down and tell me how much coaching, cueing, and correction can possibly be done for many of those typical bodybuilding based movements. This is especially true of the typical big box gym setup that predominately uses machines that will allow for only one fixed path for an isolation based movement. At Seaward CrossFit, you can have a more knowledgeable and skilled coach work with you on things like the Olympic weightlifting clean & jerk and gymnastic movements like handstands or muscle-ups, for a lower price point. 

Not only is the coaching itself better, but the workouts themselves are better. We create a broad and robust program designed to benefit you in all athletic domains while still scaling and progressing you as an individual. Quite often in big box gym training situations you will just end up with a cookie cutter bodybuilding + cardio routine that has been given to hundreds of people before you and will be given to hundreds of people after you. 

Beyond having higher level coaching and better workout programming, we are also big on client education and looking at fitness as a complete system encompassing workouts, diet, supplementation, sleep, recovery, and joint mobility and soft tissue health. We give our clients constant information, tools, and help with all of that and more. Additionally, we have a community in the truest sense. It’s not just that we exercise together, we help each other move, we go to one another’s birthdays, we have movie nights together, we know each other’s spouses and children, and we work together as a positive and encouraging support network that will push you to become the best version of yourself possible.

You can absolutely get your foot in the door to be on your own in many other gyms for far less than we charge, but at Seaward CrossFit, you’re not getting just a gym membership. No, with us you’re getting phenomenal coaching, high quality workout programming, nutrition and lifestyle guidance, and a better sense of community than you can even imagine.

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  1. Erin Hehr says:

    You are so right on! It doesn’t take an athlete long to realize how much more they are getting for their dollar versus the “big” gym. Ask any athlete after a month if they would go back, and I can guarantee they have NO desire no matter what the difference in cost is!


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