Jane Fonda

Confidence Ladies!

(Naughty language coming, don’t read if it offends you.)

In all seriousness: Ladies, get some fucking over-sized, alpha ass confidence. You know, what the illiterate children are calling “swag” these days. Stop for a second and relish in what bad bitches you are. Less than 2 decades ago (1982-1995), Jane Fonda ruled the women’s exercise scene with a bunch of dumb aerobic bullshit. Now, that stupid dipshit Tracy Anderson says that, “women shouldn’t lift more than 3 pounds.” Fuck that and fuck her. You know what, women shouldn’t lift more than 3 pounds, they should lift a shit load more than 3 pounds. Aggressively. Violently. Frequently.

tracey anderson quote


Don’t confuse this with having a big ego or misplaced arrogance. Proud. Confident. Secure; those are the internal PRs. Embrace the beauty of strength in a physical context. Be very fucking proud of the blood and sweat that you pour into becoming better versions of yourselves than social custom tells you that you can and should be. Enjoy actively participating in a social and fitness revolution.

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