Seared Catfish with Bacon, Garlic Smashed Cauliflower and Sauteed Sweet Mini Peppers

seared catfish with bacon cauliflower peppers

Yep, it was every bit as good as it looks. It was also super easy and is both paleo and zone. This’ll be my first go round at explaining how me stumbling around in the kitchen for a little while results in us having tasty eats, but here it goes:

Things that you need:

  • Head of cauliflower (roughly 4 cups chopped; 1 block carbs)
  • One onion (roughly 1.5 cups chopped; 1 block carbs)
  • Couple spoonfuls of garlic (negligible)
  • Green, yellow, or red mini peppers (roughly 2 cups chopped/sliced; 1 block carbs)
  • Bacon (3.5 slices; 1 block protein)
  • Catfish (4.5 ounces; 3 blocks protein)
  • Olive oil (1 1/3 teaspoon; 4 blocks fat)
  • Whatever seasoning you want for the cauliflower and catfish

Alllll right, here we go:

In a nice little pan, get your bacon doing it’s thing over some low/medium heat while still in slices. While that’s going on, throw the cauliflower, onions, and garlic into a crockpot on high with a little bit of any seasoning that you desire. Cover that up and let it start cooking while you tend to the bacon and do any other prep work that needs to be done. Also, go ahead and season up your catfish.

Once the bacon has started to brown, take it out, drain it, chop into some nice little pieces, and then throw it back into the pan to finish off any uncooked pieces. After the bacon has reached it’s desired doneness (whatever, it’s my word,) pull it out of the pan and throw it into the cauliflower mix. Wait for the cauliflower to become tender and then smash it to your desired consistency; this’ll let the cauliflower, garlic, bacon, and onions really do their thing.

Going back to your drained bacon pan, throw all the peppers in there and let them start sauteing. As they cook to a nice level of tenderness, get another pan (with your olive oil in it) nice and hot for your seasoned catfish. Once that pan is toasty, hit it with the catfish and go ahead and turn the peppers off. Go get a final stir/smash on your cauliflower goodness. Flip the catfish over and go get your plates ready. Layer cauliflower mash, then peppers, and then catfish.


When I cooked this, I was a tiny bit over on the carb blocks from my measures listed above. This gave us closer to 4 blocks carbs, 4 blocks protein, and 4 blocks fat for the whole shebang. We ate it as 2 x 2 block meals, but feel free to break it up however you like.

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