1776 07.04.2016

Seaward CrossFit – CrossFit

ALL: 1776 (Time)

In Teams, complete 1776 reps of your choice. You may not, as a team, do more than 200 reps in any exercise (unless someone’s injury/limitation shifts your team numbers dramatically). Team members may perform work at the same time.

American Kettlebell Swing (1.5/1)

Kettlebell Shouler to Overhead (1.5/1)

Kettlebell Hang Power Snatch (1.5/1)

Box Jump (24/20)

Air Squat




Toes to Bar


Calories Rowed

Calories Assault Biked

Wall Ball (20/14)

Med Ball Thruster (20/14)

Sandbag Hang Power Clean (60/40)

Slam Ball Ground to Over Shoulder

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